You're a Canadian entrepreneur about to take on an industry goliath in one of the biggest patent lawsuits in history. You have a technology product that the public doesn't understand and a jury trial about to commence in a small Texas town.
Who will you call for communications leadership and media exposure, to control your messages and make sure they get ink?

Welcome to Get It Done

Over 15 years in the communications business. Deep experience with entrepreneurs. Clients in 6 countries and 3 continents. Public relations and media representation for 12 unique industries. National and international headlines in traditional, online and social media. One contact you can always trust.

Our Capabilities
Clients have asked for help with: media and public relations activities which position them as leaders and land them in newspapers coast to coast; marketing projects to develop a brand, logo, identity, website, brochures and other collateral to raise $1 million to fund a worthy charitable initiative; event management including concept, sponsorship development, speech writing, video production and stage direction for a prestigious lifetime achievement award; and/or other unique and special projects like securing writing contracts and book deals, selling parcels of land in Central America, or fulfilling a desire to meet Richard Branson, Nelson Mandela, or the sitting President of the United States. Says famed journalist and author Peter C. Newman, “Get It Done is the only one who never lets you down.”

Our Mandate

Listen. Identify strategic communications objectives. Build brands and distill key messages. Engage stakeholders. Facilitate introductions to key influencers. Assess the competition. Leverage established relationships. Implement customized tactical plans. Achieve lasting exposure. Protect client reputations. Generate positive results. Deliver exceptional client service.

Get It Done: Passionate communications consulting firm which designs and implements custom strategies to build profile and goal-driven positioning for individual, corporate and charitable clients.

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